Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero (1993)

Danny is obsessed with a fictional movie character action hero Jack Slater. When a magical ticket transports him into Jack's latest adventure, Danny finds himself in a world where movie magic and reality collide. Now it's up to Danny to save the life of his hero and new friend.

Plot Keywords: magic, film in film, spoof, magical object, cartoon cat, ticket, self-referential, projectionist, child's point of view

DirectorJohn McTiernan
WritersShane Black, David Arnott, Zak Penn, Adam Leff
Production CompaniesOak Productions, Columbia Pictures
Production CountryUnited States of America
Spoken LanguageEnglish

Alternate Titles

Der letzte Action Held
El Ultimo Gran Heroe
El ultimo héroe en acción
Extremely Violent
Poslednji akcioni heroj
Den siste actionhelten