Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

Nymphomaniac: Vol. II (2013)

The continuation of Joe's sexually dictated life delves into the darker aspects of her adult life and what led to her being in Seligman's care.

Plot Keywords: sex, bondage, whip, masochism, nymphomaniac, tragedy, lesbian, masturbation, addict, sex addict, extreme pain

DirectorLars von Trier
WriterLars von Trier
Production CompaniesZentropa Entertainments, ARTE France Cinéma
Production CountriesGermany, Belgium, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Sweden
Spoken LanguagesEnglish

Alternate Titles

Nymphomaniac: Volume II
Nymph()maniac: Volume II
Nymph()maniac: Vol. II
Nymphomaniac - Teil 2
Нимфоманка Часть 2
님포매니악: 볼륨 2
Nimfomanė II
Nymphomaniac Vol II
Nymphomaniac Vol. II